Friday, September 16, 2011


Once we receive official notice stating it is “recall time” for our puppy, we are emailed a lengthy report which is required to be filled out and submitted on the day of return. The form asks numerous questions in the hopes of giving the handlers and trainers at The Seeing Eye some insight into the puppy’s wants, needs and habits.

We are asked about the food, wet or dry, has the puppy had any recurring medical issues, do they empty on or off leash, what are their favorite toys and chew items, have they lived with other dogs, cats, or animals, were there children in the home, how do they react to heavy traffic and strangers? The questions circumference all areas of the puppy’s life.

With my prior 12 puppies, I have completed this questionnaire well in advance of the pick-up date. But for some reason, I find I am having a difficult time even opening this email containing Shyla’s final report. The Seeing Eye representative will be here Monday morning at 8:00 a.m.

Back when I was in high school a teacher gave his students, what I have found to be good advise. I don't remember much about his class but I do remember him saying, “ when a daunting task lays ahead and you don’t want to tackle it, just remember, once you have started it, you are half finished.” Perhaps it is time for me to open the email.


Catherine said...

Great advise! Sorry you're facing a goodbye! Lovely image!

Chelsea said...

Ahh...lovely advice, but I can completely see why you wouldn't want to open the email! Love the shot of the shells, I can almost hear the waves!

Anonymous said...

I like those words of wisdom- they're so so true

Kristin said...

Sorry about the circumstances, but I LOVE this quote! I'm printing it out and hanging it above my desk! Wonderful photo too; I'm so jealous of you living by the beach. I grew up in Southern CA, so the ocean is in my blood, but I live about 5 hours away from our favorite beach now and only get there a couple times a year. :o(