Monday, September 12, 2011


Phriend and I headed out on another, Lucy and Ethel adventure.

Last evening I, playing the role of Lucy, came up with the idea of driving to the north end of Sandy Hook. This would offer a chance to capture photos of the
9-11 tribute lights in New York City. Phriend, the perfect Ethel, gathered the needed camera equipment, and we embarked on our northern sojourn, noting that the lights were due to be illuminated with the 7:12 sunset.

The day was overcast and as we approached our destination, what turned out to be a brief shower began, then quickly ended. We drove to the unfamiliar northern area of the island hoping to find the north beach. With the shower now behind us, we proceeded to walk the quarter mile through the narrow dune path to check the site. Perfect! A walk back to the car; grabbing our tripods, and what seemed to be hundreds of pounds of camera gear, we embarked on our stealthy trek through the soft sugar-sand, this time stopping at the water’s edge preparing to make photographic magic. Setting cameras on tripods and taking several test shots to prepare, we settle in and wait for the ideal moment. So, at 7:20 - no lights can be seen, 7:45 - still no lights, 8:00 - looking pretty dark. 8:01 we arrive at the brilliant conclusion the clouds are too thick and the beaming twin blue lights can not seen from this distance. Disappointed, we start our return journey to the car only to realize it is now pitch black, we have no flashlight and can’t seem to find the small path back through the dunes! Did I also mention the car is black? Finally after wondering about in the dark (literally and figuratively) we were successful in finding out way out.

So much for that endeavor! We moved on to plan B, attempting to photograph some awesome full moon shots. Moon? What Moon? Again, there’s the ever present thick cloud cover. Ok, Plan C anyone?? This one involved a drive to the lighthouse and an opportunity to hone our craft and impress Ricky and Fred with the perfect starburst photo; the only thing we had left to show for a night in the cloudy darkness.

Now we have it. The perfect location, cameras at the ready, test shots taken……and a swarm of mosquitoes. Damn! Quickly, we cover ourselves in jackets and sweatshirts, racing to put up the hoods, pulling sleeves over our hands. Mosquitoes are quick you know. Well, we know now. Looking at Phriend, I see a pair of hands quickly inflating, knuckles disappearing; quickly growing to a distorted size that resembled a surgical glove that’s been inflated and tied at the end. Still undaunted, we continue with our brave quest.

Regrettably, we were not able to produce the images we were hoping for. The evening was not; however, without its artistic merits as I noted that one of the blood sucking insects has artfully created a welt the exact size and shape of Texas on my forehead. “Look, there‘s Houston!“ said Ethel. Finally, at 11:45 pm, I decided to settle for a photo of the town memorial (yesterday’s post). It is nearly midnight, I again, set tripod and camera.

Though Ethel Phriend and I didn’t get exact the shot we were hoping for on this night. I return home to Ricky B knowing we will soon be at it again.


Anonymous said...

I'm dying laughing-- what a *perfect* account for our night...and the Lucy and Ethel thing had me laughing so hard I'm snorting.
Good times!
...I applied for my passport today...Italy here we come! haha...j/k

karren said...

Hilarious! Thank you LOL!

Michelle said...

Lol...I know I shouldn't be enjoying your Lucy and Ethel adventures so much, but I couldn't stop laughing. Then, when I got to the part about you returning home to Ricky I mean B....well that just put me over the edge.

Melinda said...

Wow- that is one to put on the wall! Absolutely spectacular, Lucy!

Gretchen said...

LOL!! LOVE hearing about your adventures! =)