Monday, November 21, 2011


After having a bit of a respite we walked back through the craziness of the protests, down Wall Street pass the New York Stock Exchange toward the East River and South Street Seaport, home of Fulton Fish Market. It was surprisingly quite. Although it was a lovely evening most of the outside dining tables remained empty.

Oh, and I'm really hoping you're not tired of see photographs from New York City, cause guess what?? We'll going back!! This time to watch the inflation of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day balloons and the week after that... yup one more time ... Radio City to see the Christmas show.


Anonymous said...

So jealous that you're going to see the balloons! That's always been a dream of mine!

Unknown said...

Just gorgeous.

Jennifer Thompson said...

Is it odd for this area to be so quiet? When I think of New York I think of hustle and bustle.
Great capture...I just love your edits!

Ivanhoe said...

Nice! Tired of NYC? Never ;) Can not wait to see how "quiet" it will be on Black Friday :)