Wednesday, November 16, 2011


As B and I were preparing to leave for the City this morning, we heard the news of the “clean sweep” of Zuccotti Park. The Park has been the two month camp site of the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Our plans were to visit downtown Manhattan today and that would bring us directly into this area of town.

We decided to stick with our original route. We took the ferry over the Hudson River and caught the bus to the Financial District. For blocks around the park the presents of Police was the likes of nothing we have ever seen. At Zuccotti the uniformed offices stood tall and strong, nearly shoulder to shoulder encompassing the park. Mounted Police sat at the ready upon their horses.

Earlier this morning over 200 protesters had been arrested as Mayor Bloomberg ordered an evacuation and clean up.  Now as they were permitted to re-enter without tents, food, and drums, there was calm.


Anonymous said...

Great processing with this photo.

This must really have been something to see in person!

Anonymous said...

Definitely that once in a lifetime shot!

Ivanhoe said...

Watched it on the news last night. Planning to stop by there next week as well. Hope not to get arrested :)

Ashley Sisk said...

Really interesting shot - love the processing.

Kristin said...

The city is such an interesting place and your photos make it even more interesting. Seriously, you could publish a book all about the sights of the city as you capture and process it like no one else I've ever seen!