Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have had the pleasure of watching several avian families this summer. The Osprey hatchlings are growing quickly. I can see them testing out their wings, readying them for their first flight. Once they have mastered flying, Mama and Papa will teach them to fish. Then the long journey to a warmer winter climate can begin.

I have, also, being watching a Bald Eagle family. While this family doesn’t resided quite as close to my home, I make the short trip to watch them. They have chosen the highest point of a cell phone tower to call home. Perhaps not the best choice but they are thriving. I have not be able to capture a web worth photograph of this family, that is until today.

I rented a 500mm in order to enable me to get something that actually looks like an Eagle rather than a small black dot. Today’s visit featured one of the two fledglings. He/she was testing out it’s wings and taking short flights over the tree tops and returning to the safety of it’s home.

Shortly, it’s downy baby feathers will be replaced with regal white one about it’s head. Then our majestic national symbol will take fly over our shining seas.


Melinda said...

Absolutely AMAZING!!!!! Well worth whatever you paid to rent that lens! I am so impressed! Bravo!

Jennifer Thompson said...

I bet you're glad you rented that lens!

Anonymous said...

Incredible! I can't believe the detail that lens captures- especially at that zoom length- and hand held! Great job :)

Sarah P. said...

Nice shot! How did you like the 500mm?

Nelson Mangalagama said...

Excellent - the first one - you got your money's worth on the 500mm.

Gretchen said...

Another spectacular shot! Now you're making me want a 500mm NOW... it's been on my list already. Wishing lenses were a little cheaper... or they'd get some BOGO sale going!! =)