Sunday, July 1, 2012

184/181 + 1

Bushkill Falls ~

We looked over the map of trails prior to starting our hike: green - easy, view only one of the falls, yellow - a bit more difficult and view several of the falls, red - recommended for the avid hiker, view all eight of the falls, 2 miles. Only 2 miles! Heck, we walk the 3 mile boardwalk at least once a week. We walk the beach, in sugar-soft sand, several times a week and both work at physical jobs. We’re going RED!

After the first flight of stairs, I break my “you want it, you carry it” rule and beg B to carry my camera case. By the second flight, I am certain I need bypass surgery; and by the third flight, I am reminding B I have several family members who have died of a heart attack.

What they neglected to say is that 2 miles includes 1267 stair steps. I thought I was in fairly good shape for a women my age, but with each time I raised my legs to make the move upward, I am feeling each and every one of my 53 years.

My legs feel like rubber this evening, but the awesome view was worth each step. I survived the Red Trail and B brought me a t-shirt stating as much.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot Trish! Quite the hike. I was feeling your pain. I have 3 more years on you!! Looking forward to playing with your new filter (hee hee).