Saturday, July 7, 2012

190/175 + 1

Good Gravy! Was it hot today. I think we topped out at 103 (F) degrees. It was one of those days you didn’t mind being at work, only because it was air conditioned and you just knew you weren’t going anywhere or doing anything.

When my work day was over, I had planned on taking the puppies to beach for a swim but it wasn’t fit for man or beast. So I left the beasties at home and I went to check on the Osprey nest. Although the nest is on the water’s edge and generally has a very cooling breeze, today it was ungodly. It was not only hot but the humidity was so high my lens kept fogging over.

Just as my lens was becoming acclimated, a wicked storm rolled in. And as much as I want to watch this raptor family, I am not fond of being out in a lighting storm.


msdewberry said...

What an awesome catch! The photo I mean and the osprey did good too.

Anonymous said...

He is looking at his dinner with such intensity! Excellent moment to capture. Stay cool!

Liz said...

Nice capture with his catch & all!! Well done!