Saturday, July 14, 2012

196/169 + 1

My quest to capture new and interesting subjects, while participating in Project 365, has brought me to many of the local area which have long been on my must see list. B and I have traveled all round our state and are being to know the ins and outs of very town, large and small. We have visited all of the NJ lighthouses, battle fields, wineries J, and now I can check off all of our great boardwalks.

I had been to Asbury Park, Point Pleasant, Seaside, Atlantic City and Wildwood but had forgotten about Ocean City. How, I don’t know. Last week on our way home from Wildwood/Cape May, I took notice of exit 30, Ocean City and last evening B and I took a walk along their boards.

While each of the boardwalks have amusement rides and food, lots of food each has it’s own feel. Ocean City is a “dry” town (meaning no liqueur) making it a wonderful place for families and children. The boardwalk was full of fun; a freckle contest was taking place, several bands were playing, a hula hoop demo could been seen and of course, the usual magic man was performing.

It was the perfect evening to take in all the excitement of the youngsters, have an ice cream cone and to watch a yellow/orange sunset.


Anonymous said...

Nice composure. Good spot. Been awhile for me too. So many places in New Jersey to explore!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot- I love the framing of the bridge (or wherever it is you are!). I think I'll have to take a trip down there too-- I've never been there either!