Monday, March 10, 2008

Gourmet Dinner:

As much as I hate to admit it, my mother was right, the further I get from 29, the more difficult it is to maintain my girlish figure. This pass July I joined WW and subsequently lost 22 pounds; reaching my goal weight at the end of January. I have learned to make better food choices and yet not deprive myself of all favorite chocolate treats. As a result of my decision to change my eating habits, I have been eating and cooking lighter.

This evening B arrived home to find a large pile of frying pans drying on the kitchen counter. He, instantly, envisioned me being home all afternoon preparing some new gourmet meal. His mind raced forward toward the thoughts of chicken parm., or maybe even fried chicken and mashed potatoes. His stomach readied one of his long overdue favorite yummy dinners. I could barely bring myself to tell him; I had accidentally dropped the frozen grounded turkey on to one of the glass covers which shattered and sent shards of glass flying everywhere, including on to all of the pots and pans. I had rinsed the glass off of them and they were on the counter drying.

I poured him a bowl of cocoa puffs.


Anonymous said...

oh the poor guy! To have your heart and stomach broken like that. So sad.

My hubs would never seems to see the dirty (or the clean) dishes, so he'd never have such expectations. And of course, even when I do cook, half the time the apartment only smells like onions or burnt whatever so he totally misses the aroma of the good food.

Anonymous said...


Now that's something that would happen at my house!

Ivanhoe said...

Ha ha ha, poor hubby... I did not feel like cooking, so we had fish sandwiches from McD.

Kelli said...

I just saw on another blog your just read dear john. I love all those books. I have you read the one about the great dane dog? (I am brain dead, no sleep last night, thanks to the little ones that should be sleeping) anyway. love those book, cant wait to get to read your blog. Kelli

Anonymous said...

LOL, poor guy!
You can add my hub and I to the list of dinner-time cereal eaters, unfortunately.
BTW, congrats on the 22 lbs! I need to lose 11 and I'm having a hard time getting started on it. You're right, too. The further you get from 29, the harder it is to keep off!

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

Thanks everyone for your concern over B's dinner. He ate the cocoa puffs & he liked them! Darn it! LOL I'll make up to him, maybe over the weekend. Being the fine Irish folks that we are it's corned beef and cabbage this weekend!

Kelli ~ "The Guardian", yes, I read it. I have enjoyed all of Sparks books. He was a pleasure to meet. What a nice man and not too hard on the eyes!

Laura ~ thanks, I haven't been watching my intake as much as I should be. I too need to get back on track or it will not be long before the 22 or more are back on my rear end.