Saturday, March 17, 2012

77/288 + 1

While this chair does look like a lovely place to sit to take in the breathtaking view, one would not dare to have a seat. The tall pole off to the right houses a large Osprey nest. Last Spring during my many visits, early morning and late day, I had the opportunity to watch a feathered family grow.

The parents would fish, snagging a meal with their powerful talons, flying off to sit on this chair to eat their fill before returning to the nest to feed the young. For the better part of the spring and into the early summer, I would witness their activities. Come late summer, after the siblings learned to fly, the parents took turns teaching them to shop for their own meals. When this mission was accomplished, and the air turned cool, the family headed for a warmer climate.

This afternoon I visited once again and I am thrilled to see the return of the Osprey pair. Hopefully, I will be able to witness a new generation grow. For once again, it will not be a “silent spring”.

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