Sunday, February 26, 2012

57/308 + 1

I really have to give B credit for his endless patience. He has been incredibly supportive of my hobby and traveling. Although, to his advantage, he truly enjoys visiting all the different places and looks forward to our next trip. Heck, he’s seen more of New Jersey this last year than he had it past 12 years. Now, this year, I am subjecting him to portraits. Everywhere we go the poor guy has to stand still and “pose”. I owe you, B. XOXO


Carrie said...

Such love! I tried to get a portrait of my husband and one would have thought the world would come to an end if I actually got one!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys visited the Taj Mahal! Tell B he looks good in

Melinda said...

I could substitute my husband's name in your post- we are very blessed, aren't we?!?
That is such a wonderful portrait- love the angle, glasses reflection and processing.