Friday, February 10, 2012

happy to come home to ~

Let me preface this by saying, I am happiest when I come home to B. Unfortunately, we work vastly different schedules and all to often he is not home when I arrive after a long day at work.

At the sound of the garage door opening and the car pulling in the “official” welcome committee jumps to attention and all is focused on the newest arrival. As I approach the door, I can hear the sound of the happy tap dancer on the other side. When I open the door, I am greeted by the wag of a tail, a good sniff over and a lick on the hand. On the occasion when I decide to lay down for a bit, I am always joined by my friend.

I am happy to come home to the welcome committee.


Jennifer Thompson said...

I agree, that's the best welcome committee ever! (i have one too)

Carrie said...

The four-legged tap dancers do make coming home better than coming home to an empty house that's for sure. This is such a sweet photo!