Friday, August 26, 2011


Things are little crazy around here. On Tuesday we experienced the effects of the earthquake which centered in Virginia. I, personally, didn’t feel the shaking, rocking and rolling but others in my area did. Never having been in an earthquake, I somehow feel cheated. Crazy right? No damage and all are safe.

Now we’re waiting and listening for the latest on Hurricane Irene. Wow! Two major natural events in one week, we just don’t have earthquakes or hurricanes here. What’s up?? Living on the coastline means we will must likely feel any and all effects from the 100 + mile/hour storm. I started preparations. Went to the grocery store and loaded up with goodies food. Heaven’s forbid, B and I go with a meal or worse a snack. Think I will pick up a few extra batteries and try to locate the one flashlight we have.

Ok, I did called Phriend to see if she wanted to head over to the Lighthouse for the chance to capture some awesome storm shots. But I am predicting the bridge to the barrier island will be closed as, in lesser storms, the ocean rose to meet the bay. Flooding the entire island.

Maybe I’ll just shoot from inside the safety of my house and thinking it could be a good weekend to start that book I received from Santa this last Christmas.


John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

I've never experienced a hurricane but have many an earthquake (California boy here). I would be sorely tempted to go out and get some photographs but then, I have no idea what I would be dealing with so how can I say? Be safe.

Anonymous said...

As I was reading this, I thought your picture was going to be of what I have planned for tomorrow (all of our "prepared-ness" stuff)...but then I see you only have one flashlight. Would you like to borrow one of the 20 my mom "unearthed" today and has lined up in the foyer? lol.
No LBI for us-- they're closing off the bridge to incoming traffic at 8 am tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous DoF and color. Stay safe this weekend!

Janell said...

lovely colors. Stay safe!

Melinda said...

Very lovely shot!
I've been thinking about you with this hurricane- checking the blog specifically today to see if you are planning to stay or leave. My son is a claims adjuster and is on standby to handle insurance claims on the east coast if there is significant damage. Keeping a good thought for you that it will all peter out by the time it moves north!

Gretchen said...

LOVE the focus on this! Color too! Again... stay safe.