Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday PhotoShare ~

My neighbor created an elaborate Halloween display, one of which scares all children young and old. I am not one who enjoys being frightened and prefers Halloween trick or treaters to be dressed as their favorite Disney character.

As of a late, I have been playing with some night photography and decided to take advantage of this neighbor's display. Somehow his yard of terror didn’t seem to be so frightful when I was armed with my camera.

Photo was taken @ ISO LO1, f/5.6, 1 sec. Please critique, any and all comments are always welcome.


Reader Wil said...

Scary! We don't do Halloween in this country. More is the pity!!

Courtney said...

Wow!! Your night shots just keep getting better and better!! I love this! It just screams Halloween :O) It is so sharp and great exposure! Great job!!!

Janell said...

awesomeness! Looks like a scary halloween movie poster! I am inspired by all your night shots!

Al said...

Nicely done, night shots are definitely the way to go for frightening things like this! I participated in a haunted house one time, so I don't find them very frightening.