Tuesday, July 29, 2008

and they call it fun:

The faces of those who are about to be flipped upside down and spun around at a speed in which their stomachs could possible come out their noses. And to think they pay for this and call it fun!


VitaminSea said...

I will out live my whole life, never go on a roller coaster, and die a contented woman.
That aint fun for me! LOL

(Great shot, btw!!)

kjpweb said...

Same here! I know much better and entertaining means to make me puke!
Seeing green tinted faced from the participants upon their return tells more than they might admit. ;)
Cheers, Klaus

Ivanhoe said...

They all look so excited, don't they? :o)
How are you?
Going back to school as well. Just enrolled, starting on 8/25 :o)

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

Vitaminsea ~ I agree.

Klaus ~ do tell!

Ivanhoe ~ your decision to go back to school is wonderful. I still have 2 weeks, lots of reading and more 2 more reports. Just taking a bit of a break today before class.

B's Dad is comfortable as can be and resting at home. We just feel bad that we live 1000 miles away and can't get to see him. Thank you for asking.

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

Oh yeah, she looks excited.

Unknown said...

The one girl looks a little nervous!