Tuesday, April 1, 2008

by Request:

I am the type of people who wants to eat when I'm hungry, in fact I can get pretty ugly; I don't believe in spending hours in the kitchen munching on everything edible while preparing a meal only to gobble up, this prepared meal, in minutes. Several people commented about wanting some of strawberry salad which I pictured . I would like to make it for each of you, however since that is not possible, I share with you what I did. I can't call it a recipe cause I just threw it together, here's what I did;

~ rip open one those salads in a bag,
grab a handful or two, depending on how hungry I am, and put on plate,
wash and eat a few fresh strawberries,
cut up what's left,
sprinkle some of those yummy Ocean Spray cherry favored cranraisin on top,
toss a few walnuts in,
and drown in Wish Bones Light Raspberry Walnut dressing ~ made with extra virgin olive oil ~ oh, I should mention, sometimes it's a pear or apple salad!


Mercedes said...

Sounds scrumptious! This is most definitely a recipe: an original recipe! I've gotta get me some of that dressing! Thanks for posting this!

The Empty Nest said...

It really sounds fresh and flavorful for a nice hot day. I will definately try then (when the strawberry prices come down).

Thanks for the recipe