Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wall Art:

Living “down the shore” has many advantages, most of which include the beach and waterways. During the winter months, the beaches and local communities are nearly ghost towns; only the hardened beach goers will brave the strong, brutally cold, winter winds blowing off the ocean. As the weather warms, not only do the migrating birds return, so do our “bennies” (aka vacationers, weekenders). Our roadways become parking lots and beaches so crowded that sand is barely visible between all the blankets filled with sunbathers.
B and I decided to head over to a new local eatery, before it becomes impossibly crowded. This was a lovely place right on the beach, and as we ate we were able to enjoy the ocean view all while remaining toasty warm and guarded from the last of the winter wind. Then, I notice this piece of “wall art,” not only does it tell you where to go, it tells you when to do it. I wonder: will the “bennies” see the humor in this?


Anonymous said...

Well, even if they don't see the humor in it, they've got to notice how beautiful it is! Great capture!

Unknown said...

I love that shot!