Wednesday, October 5, 2011


B has enjoyed the sport of fishing for many years. Sadly, he doesn’t often have the chance to get out in the kayak and float around with rod and reel in hand. When one of his co-worker mentioned his shared interested in this sport, the two decide to hit the lake the next morning. They, also, tried their hand at some fly fishing, a first for B.

I wasn’t able to attend, not that I was asked or wanted to go (I wouldn’t touch a worm) but I, of course, would have enjoyed taking photographs. So after work, long after they were off the lake and back home, I drove out (yesterdays POD) to capture a few shots. B was kind enough to bring home one of the flies for me.


Gretchen said...

Nice fly! I'm not a fisher either, but I have helped out with a fishing camp... as the baiter. Lots of worm touching by me! I'd LOVE to watch someone fly fish... it looks so peaceful.

Anonymous said...

Ew- I've never been fishing for the same reason- I'd never be able to look at a worm, let alone spear one. And then touch the fish when I cought it? Not for me!