Saturday, January 22, 2011


We didn't receive the fore casted snowfall and although the day was whipping a freezing cold wind around, it was sunny.  Dana and I could not resist getting out for a little photography practice.  I was short on time, so we I decided we should venture over to a local park, one which neither of us frequent.  After being greeted by a very friendly gaggle of ducks, we explored one of the many trails.  The trail was lined with tall cedar trees, it twisted and wound around the small, frozen lake.  Passing several log benches and a row of canoes only made me long for warmer days all the more.

ISO 800, f/4, 1/320

*darn, forgetting I had set the ISO @ 800 last night, I didn't change it.  I would/should have lowered it to 200.  
One of the many hazards of shooting on manual!


Chelsea said...

Despite the ISO (I do things like that a lot), I love the shot and how you can just barely see through the trees beyond. Looks like a great place to sit and relax (when it's not too cold!)

Melissa said...

Haha I always forget to change my ISO and I've been on manual for over a year. Sometimes when you're in a groove, you forget to double check. It's till a beautiful picture. If it wasn't so cold I would totally do what Chelsea said and just sit and relax! :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's why your camera kept telling you that there was too much light?
Either way it's an awesome picture!
(and the ducks were very friendly!)

John-Roy Photography said...

do you want me to send you some snow?