Thursday, November 4, 2010

Friday PhotoShare ~

Thanks to Courtney’s encouragement I decided to jump out from behind the camera. As a rule I prefer to be behind the lens, resulting in my absence in many of our family photos. The photographs I have of “B” and I were all taken by someone,(she says, trying not to sound like an elitist) less skilled. In general, they are often missing tops of our heads, sides of our faces, or one of us is blinking. As most folks aren’t interested in taking 100s of photos to obtain one which could be considered passable, we have learned to settle.

Having almost mastered my tripod I felt finally the time had come and this past week took the leap. To help “ease the pain” B and I went over to one of our local historic parks. I can honestly report we had a blast. A side from the self timer, my camera can be set to take up to 9 consecutive shots. I took over 200 photos, many resulting in me running into the photo and B laughing as he is yelling “run Forest run”. I was able to get several which we both liked. B, the amazing man that he is, suggested the next day we go to our favorite beach area. We were having such a great time, in fact, several people stopped to laugh along with us. ~

Please critique, any and all comments are always welcome.


Janet said...

I LOVE it! It's nice to 'see' you :-)

Al said...

This is a very good shot, with the interesting out-of-focus background. And I love your Skywatch photo below!

Yoshi said...

Hi Trish,
Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting.
Haha, I am glad you guys had good time. Year, who cares other people think (as long as you have fun).
Have a nice weekend.

Courtney said...

This is GREAT!! I'm so proud of you for getting in front of the camera! I love that you had so much fun taking these photos :O) I love the ferris wheel in the background and the love you were able to capture between the two of you!

Janell said...

LOVE it! Such a cute couple and love the ferris wheel in the background.

Anonymous said...

Lovely couple!